Press acreditations

The application period for accreditations for Lost Nomads will be open between May 20th and June 8th, 2022.

After this period, no requests or changes of any kind will be handled.

  • To qualify for an accreditation, you must belong to the professional information sector and provide an official email address of the media company to be able to cover the event. The resolution of this request will be communicated through given email.
  • The accreditation requests are individual, each journalist who opts for an accreditation must fill out a form.
  • It is essential to publish or broadcast prior information about the festival and each of the events to which you want to opt to be accredited. It is necessary to attach links to the publications in the accreditation application.
  • The press accreditations are limited, therefore, the media that have most posted about the festival during the previous months will have priority.
  • Applications will be evaluated and their acceptance will be communicated by email between JUNE 8th and 11th.
  • The accreditation acceptance e-mail will include information about the event, schedules and access methods.
  • Accreditations will be given on the day of the event at the box office authorized for that purpose at the venue.
  • For the withdrawal of the accreditations it is essential that the applicant presents his / her official ID and / or passport.
  • Applications for freelance photographers will not be processed as the organization can provide them with the photographic material they need.
  • It is obligatory to respect the limit of accreditations per media company that is detailed below:
    • Radios: Maximum of two accreditations per media company.
    • Websites and written press: Maximum of two accreditations per media company, one for a photographer and another for an editor.
    • Television: Maximum of three accreditations per media company (apart from exceptions).
    • The accreditation does not guarantee that all of the areas can be photographed and / or filmed, as each artist has their own rules and it will be the management of each artist who sets the limits.
  • Press accreditation will not allow access to exclusive areas for personnel of the organization, VIP spaces, or backstage.
  • The organization can provide the media, if required, with images and photographic material from those areas of the festival where the accredited media are not allowed to capture and / or record images.
  • The organization reserves the right to withdraw the accreditation to those that were considered to have breached any regulation.

Application form

To contact the press department you can do so through the following email: press@expansive.es