General conditions

The terms and conditions indicated below regulate the ticket sales conditions for Lost Nomads promoted and organized by the company FARRA EVENTS, S.L. (hereinafter, the Organization) whose registered office is Calle Era Molina, Edf. Filabroz – CP 38530 (Candelaria) and provided with CIF B38962726.


The acquisition of the ticket represents the acceptance of the following conditions:


  1. The ticket for Lost Nomads, in any of its formats (paper, wristband, etc.) is valid only for the indicated day. No changes or refunds are allowed. Each entry is identified with a unique “QR” code that must be preserved so that it is not copied. Avoid exposing it, as well as uploading photos without covering it, since you can only go through our access control once.


  1. THE RIGHT OF ADMISSION IS RESERVED FOR REASONS OF SECURITY AND PUBLIC ORDER. In no case will it entail discrimination based on birth, race, sex, religion, opinion, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity or any other personal or social condition or circumstance. Access will only be allowed with full entry. Any ticket that is broken, in poor condition, amended or with signs of forgery will authorize the organization to prohibit its bearer from accessing the venue without the right to a refund of the corresponding amount. In the case of bracelets that are damaged or that cannot be put on or closed for any reason, as long as they keep their QR code intact, they can be exchanged for a new one at the access door, at a cost of €5.


  1. It is essential to present the DNI, driving license or passport, always in ORIGINAL format, with a recent photo, showing the required age of majority. Photocopies, reports of theft or loss, or documents containing scratches or signs of manipulation will not be accepted.


  1. In protection of image rights and intellectual property, it is strictly prohibited to film or record all or part of the Festival by video, audio or any other means, as well as the use of PROFESSIONAL cameras.


  1. Entry is prohibited with suitcases, briefcases, handbags or large backpacks, also with bottles, cans, umbrellas, selfie sticks, weapons of all kinds or any object that the organization considers dangerous. Access is also prohibited to all people who show violent and inappropriate behavior or symptoms of being under the influence of alcoholic beverages and/or narcotic substances.


  1. To access the event, it is essential to be 18 years old on the day of the event. Said access is subject to a registry in accordance with the Law. Those who do not unequivocally prove their age or refuse said registry, will not be allowed to enter the premises. In no case can the refund of the amount of the tickets be claimed.


  1. The holder of a ticket acknowledges that their image may appear in video or photographic shots taken at the venue by different means for subsequent informative and/or promotional dissemination, and accepts and agrees to said uses.


  1. The organizing company of the Festival reserves the right to alter or change, at any time, without prior notice or condition, both the venue and the established program, including the line up, for justified organizational reasons, or in the absence of any of the the artists, due to supervening causes, such as illness, accident, loss of legal documentation, flight or other means of transport and any other objective cause considered. These changes do not entail a refund of the amount of the tickets.


  1. The organization does not guarantee the authenticity of a ticket if it has not been purchased through official sales channels. The possession of a falsified ticket, in addition to not facilitating access to the venue, will generate the pertinent legal actions. DO NOT BUY YOUR TICKET FROM ANYONE ON THE STREET.


  1. The holder of a ticket will lose his rights when leaving the premises, either voluntarily, by general eviction by the competent authority or by indications of authorized personnel, for reasons of security, disorder or misconduct, the bearer being responsible for his own actions and omissions. causing injury to third parties or damage to property. In no case will you be entitled to a refund of the amount of the tickets.


  1. The cancellation of the event by Order and/or recommendation of the competent authorities as a consequence of adverse climatic phenomena or supervening events of a natural, epidemiological nature, closure of the airspace or any other that is considered objectively dangerous or potentially poses a risk to the attendees and to the Organization itself, will not necessarily entail the refund of the amount of the tickets, provided that a new date is announced for the celebration of the same with identical or similar conditions of service.


  1. If the date of the event changes for any justified reason, the ticket already purchased will automatically be valid for the final date. In this case, it will not be possible to claim the refund of the amount of the same.


  1. The Promoter company GUARANTEES the reimbursement of the nominal amount of the tickets (discounted the management expenses, commissions, etc., which as a general rule is established at a minimum of 10% or, where appropriate, in a range between €5 and €10), if the event was canceled for reasons attributable to the Company, establishing for this a reasonable maximum term that is sufficient for the organization and development of such actions at the points of sale. The expenses that could have been caused by transportation, travel, hotel reservations, apartments and any other that could be claimed as derived from the canceled event cannot be claimed from the company nor will they be taken into account.


  1. The resale of tickets is PROHIBITED, even if it were to be used for promotional or social purposes, without the express and written consent of the promoters of the event.


  1. In multi-stage Festivals, the different areas of each of the Festival stages may have, for obvious reasons of space, a limited capacity, and access to said areas may be cut off, for security reasons, once said capacity has been reached. Consequently, the Organization will not be responsible in any case for the impossibility of certain attendees to attend certain concerts, performances or events that make up the Festival.


  1. The glasses for the consumption of drinks within the Festival cost, in general, €1. You can buy it when you buy your ticket (recommended), bring your own glass from any previous event that is from FARRA or your prepared coin, the company is not obliged to provide you with change if you pay with bills of more than €20.


  1. The Tokens or cup vouchers, in those events in which they are available for use, must be consumed within the event itself. The deadline to exchange them is 20 minutes before the scheduled closing time (usually 11:40 p.m.). In no case can they be exchanged for money.


  1. The bearer of the ticket, whether on paper or on a wristband, expressly declares that he has read, understood and, therefore, accepts these CONDITIONS and also states that he is fully aware of the rights and obligations arising from them.